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Psychological Services


Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment​s
Psychological assessments are available to children over the age of 6, adolescents, and adults when there is a need to clarify your child or teenager's academic potential, or understand why you are experiencing various emotions or behaving in ways that are not typical for you.
Child and Adolescent Assessments

Has your child been struggling at school with some aspect of the curriculum?



Psychotherapy is recommended if you have been experiencing significant difficulty with your moods, for example, feeling depressed or anxious, or struggling with the effects of trauma, and there is a negative impact on your relationships or work.  Additional areas for which treatment is provided include obsessive-compulsive disorder, work-related stress, and grief.


Individual and group therapy is offered to children, adolescents,and adults.



Dr. Maing welcomes the opportunity to provide your organization with a tailored presentation to suit your needs.


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