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About Dr. Maing

About Dr. Maing

I'm a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Ontario with over 25 years of experience working in the mental health field with children, teens, and adults.  Over that time, I've been privileged to witness and be part of many extraordinary journeys of hope and change.

Road of therapy

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. "

- Lao Tzu

I've learned over the years, that while there are no guarantees, there are several key ingredients to improving the likelihood that change will occur in a therapeutic relationship.  As a therapist, these are to:

  • Listen attentively

  • Be respectful

  • Collaborate with your client whole-heartedly

  • Be an authority with your recommendations, but ask permission to give them

  • Base your recommendations on sound research 

  • Maintain a sense of humour, and

  • Provide appropriate hope.

Further, as an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, I appreciate and am fully aware of the possible hesitancy of new and not-so-new arrivals when mental health services are sought.  The challenge to be understood is often doubled and the fear of potential stigma is great. 

I believe in building on an individual's strengths and skills to achieve well-being. I strive to help clients understand their interpersonal relationships,  and how  their present relationships may be influenced by their early childhood interactions. However, I also appreciate the effectiveness of shorter-term therapies, and see great benefit in helping individuals realize the connections between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.  My work also integrates a mindful approach with self-compassion and relaxation techniques.


Above all, my aim in working with you is to help you develop an insight into your story, and provide you with options to help you cope differently so that you can gain or regain mastery over your next life chapters.  I'm optimistic that together we can achieve your goals.

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