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Your Mental Health

Is In

Your Hands




Whether you are seeking assistance for the first time or have done so before, your courage and hope have lead you to find solutions to improve your mental health or that of your child.  Psychological issues like depression and anxiety often debilitate us, and leave us feeling overwhelmed at work, unable to participate in hobbies or activities we once enjoyed, or increase tension with our loved ones.

Now then is the time to take action.  As a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Dianne Maing can help you to understand the factors contributing to your distress.  By engaging in psychotherapy you will learn strategies to manage your emotions and to question your thoughts that might, for example, say to you, "What's the point in trying? I'm a failure!" or "I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing in a meeting."


Children may also face similar psychosocial difficulties.  For some, these difficulties may be accompanied by learning challenges in reading, writing, or mathematics.  A timely psychological or psychoeducational assessment will help to determine the reasons for the learning struggles, and provide the school with effective recommendations.

Dr. Maing has been practising in Ontario since 1991.  She is pleased to offer a full complement of psychological services to Barrie and the surrounding areas. 


Individuals in Group Therapy

Dr. Maing offers treatment for a variety of psychological difficulties that include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, grief, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress, and trauma. 

Individual and group therapy to children over the age of 6, teenagers, and adults is provided.  Effective and research-based treatments are combined with the individual’s unique strengths to provide a tailored approach.

Find out more about the various therapies and their benefits.

Psychological Assessments

for Children & Adults

Boys Reading at School

At 8 years of age, Johnny hates to read.  He can't sound out words easily, and it takes him a long time to read a short paragraph.  He thinks he's "stupid" and gets worried when the teacher calls on him to read aloud.  Children, like Johnny, can benefit from

understanding their academic struggles.


Adults can also benefit from having a formal psychological assessment of their social-emotional needs to help guide therapy.

Workshops and


People in training workshop
Dr. Maing has presented workshops to mental health professionals at provincial conferences as well as educational sessions and training to local non-profit organizations. Topics have included motivational interviewing, suicide, anxiety, and depression.

Find Me

Dr. Maing is conveniently located at
Bell Farm Road and Alliance Blvd. in Barrie, with easy access to Hwy 400.  
The office is wheelchair accessible,
and parking is free.

If you are in a crisis or need help in an emergency, please visit your nearest emergency department or call 911.

Crisis workers are also available by phone at


If you are a child or teenager, you can speak confidentially with a qualified worker at KIDS Help Line at 1-800--668-6868.


Coping with Panic Disorder

You may be relaxing, and suddenly, out of the blue, feel as if you're having a heart attack, you can't breathe, your legs start to tremble, your chest hurts.  You may be among the many who may be experiencing a panic attack.

Raising distractible kids to like themselves
Staying focused on challenging tasks can be very frustrating for some children.  Not only may their academics suffer, but also their self-worth and self-esteem.
Cognitive impairment and PTSD

Cognitive impairment was noted in a sample of 9/11 World Trade Center First Responders suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.



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